Portrait of founder George Patterson.

Our irreverent founder, George Patterson, circa 1983. Photo by Rowan Oakmist.

Welcome to the official home of Georgian Wicca on the web

We hope that you will explore our site and learn more about our Wiccan tradition. Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay.

About the image: We hope you will not be offended by this image of Pat and that instead it communicates his humor and that of the Georgian community in general.

The Georgian Manifesto

  • to honor the Gods of the Old Religion;
  • to aid the members to progress and improve themselves mentally, physically and spiritually;
  • to work magick for the benefit of members and any others who may seek out aid for right purposes;
  • to aid others in learning the Craft who truly desire the knowledge of the Craft for proper reasons;
  • to combat the untruths and to spread the truth about the Craft to those outside the Craft;
  • to work for peace, harmony, and unity among the various branches of the Craft;
  • to work for a better understanding of and a better relationship between man and nature.