Georgian Wicca is both traditional and eclectic.

Georgian Wicca is traditional in that it is an initiatory line. It is normally taught from male to female and female to male in a coven by persons who have been initiated and elevated to the priesthood according to the rites and rituals of the tradition. Georgian Wicca is also oath-bound. The mysteries and lore of the tradition are passed on only to “proper persons who have been properly prepared.” While the internet is a useful learning and communication tool, it does not provide a means for initiation or elevation.

Georgian Wicca is similar to Gardnerian and Alexandrian Wicca. Its rituals resemble those found in books on what is generally referred to as traditional Wicca or British Traditional Witchcraft (BTW) such as Eight Sabbats for Witches and The Witches’ Way by Stewart and Janet Farrar as well as the privately distributed material that was collected and published in Ed Fitch’s Grimoire of Shadows.

The Georgian Wiccan tradition is also eclectic in several ways. It draws from many sources including Gardnerian, Alexandrian, and Celtic Wicca, it does not carry a lineage to any of England’s BTW covens. Therefore, the Georgian Wicca tradition is often referred to as BTW-derived. The Georgian tradition is also eclectic in that it greatly values the creativity and originality of its initiates.

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